Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cosmo: Hair Design Final

Our Hair Design final, we were allowed complete creative freedom.  I decided to go to my roots and access my love for animals in nature.  The Gouldian Finch was my inspiration for this piece.  This design also started off as a sketch.  My favorite challenge was creating the nest in a way that was as accurate as possible to a real life bird's nest, while using the skills I learned to manipulate the hair to simulate plant life.  Everything is created with hair, with the exception of the birds and eggs, which I made out of clay.  This is by far, was my most favorite project. 

Cosmo: "Tease Me"

During my Hair Design course, my teacher approached me about an opportunity to create a doll for an upcoming "doll head show" the department would be having.  The theme was a revival of 60's and 70's hair.  I was really excited to create something for this show and incorporate a couple of my favorite features of the 60's:  floral swimming caps and the bee hive.  I started off with a sketch and went from there!  I constructed this completely out of hair and topped it off with make up that would have been worn in the time period. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cosmo: Hair Design Mid Term Project

For our mid term, our teacher provided us with a special occasion dress and had us create a hair style that would compliment the look.  This was a bit challenging for me because I got a really beautiful dress but didn't know where to begin.  With help from my fashionista cousin, I was able to replicate a run way look that fit the dresses style perfectly.  It ended up fusing ancient history with the space age; modern and classic.  We also did the make up on our doll to enhance the look. 

Cosmo: Hair Design Course Highlights

Today was my second to last day of my Hair Design class (basically up do's and styling).  This class was amazing.  I learned sooo much.  Hair styles that used to fascinate me and boggle my mind as to how they were made, are no longer such a mystery.  This includes my favorite of all:  The Beehive!!!  I was able to style a couple of friends hair for special events and over all gained a lot of confidence.  My teacher, Mr. Albert Grasiano, was a true artist and shared a lot of knowledge with us.  I truly feel honored to learn under such a talented man.  Enjoy!