Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cosmo: Hair Design Final

Our Hair Design final, we were allowed complete creative freedom.  I decided to go to my roots and access my love for animals in nature.  The Gouldian Finch was my inspiration for this piece.  This design also started off as a sketch.  My favorite challenge was creating the nest in a way that was as accurate as possible to a real life bird's nest, while using the skills I learned to manipulate the hair to simulate plant life.  Everything is created with hair, with the exception of the birds and eggs, which I made out of clay.  This is by far, was my most favorite project. 


  1. Awesome work !!!!! it looks fantastic.
    You are so creative.... it turned out beautiful :)

  2. Thanks Sandra! Those two projects kept me from being able to see Josh. I appreciate the flexibility!!!