Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cosmo: Ode to my doll heads...

I truly do think that the Cosmetology doll head does not get enough credit or appreciation from us Cosmo students, or the public for that matter!  Who do you think gets the butt-end of that student's first cut hundreds of times, before you do... haha!  No but really, I owe it to my dolls for allowing me to slowly develop techniques.  Learning to properly blow dry would not be possible without my doll head. (after all it never cries out after getting repeatedly scorched like whimpy humans do)  ;)

So here are some different things I have worked on with my dolls having to do with cuts (shears and clippers), roller sets, blow drying and styling.

 This is my man doll head, Dylan.  He started off looking like a biker-Jesus, but after about 10 different cuts, he ended up here: nice and presentable with an impeccably tidy beard!  I think I was inspired by my friend/old coworker, Seth, for this look :)

"Sam" took on a more contemporary-1950's cut here... kinda sexy! It's all about those bouncy curls!

 This "Sam" was at the end of her hair cut road at this point, so I performed a experimental short cut on her... okay, okay... so I used her to do a guy cut... but I think she pulled it off perfectly!  "Thanks Sam!"

This was around the time of the Death Cab For Cutie concert, so it could explain the Zooey Deschanel inspired look:

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