Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Personal: "Eupheginia... (Doubtfire, dear)."

So those of you who know me best are not at all surprised at this post.  Yes, I am 31 years old.  And yes, Mrs. Doubtfire is still one of my favorite movies.  At some point in my life I watched it consecutively for weeks.  I'm obsessive-compulsive like that. 
But this piece is special and it isn't just about the movie.  It was inspired by one of my favorite students when I worked at First Street Gallery Art Center, where I was an Art Instructor to adults with disabilities.  "Josh" came to our studio with a passion for his artwork and a great sense of humor.  He was a bit reserved and shy... but that all changed when, somehow, the movie Mrs. Doubtfire came up.  We probably drove the studio nuts quoting all of the best lines from the movie, but we had a time.  So it's no wonder that when the "Staff Selects" Show came up (an annual art show featuring a staff piece along side a student piece) that Josh would be my partner.  For months we both worked on our pieces, exercising attention to detail.  Meanwhile, I saw my student's art skills and confidence flourish.  This is one of my most favorite pieces to date because it reminds me of the hard work, the laughter and the goofy vision shared between a student and a teacher.  I think we brought out the best in each other.  :)

Good Luck on all of your endeavours, Josh! 

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  1. I loved it ! It actually made me cry.
    I wished that somehow you could continue to be my son's teacher. It's very difficult and scary as a parent to for see what I will be able to find for Joshua to be happy in. Unfortunately there is very few options that provided programs for Joshua's level, where he can grow socially,artistically and simply just connecting with people that he can have things in common with. I will continue to search and never give up. I truly just want to thank you for being such a special person and for finding how truly special and gifted my son is. Thank you for giving him normality in a world that sometimes can make him feel different.
    Sandra Alvarez