Sunday, November 6, 2011

Poochi-LA: People

These are a few commissioned pieces I have done of people:
The one above was done for as a Christmas gift for a man's son.  The baby and woman featured were his new grand daughter and daughter-in-law.  (12X16" acrylic on canvas)

This cute lil baby girl is named Avery.  My friend asked me to paint this picture of his daughter in honor of his wives first Mother's Day.  (8x8", acrylic on canvas)

This is a very special piece.  I made this painting for my dear friend Kristina who was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago (she AMAZINGLY BEAT IT!!!!).  Her mother passed away from her own battle when Kristina was a young girl.  I decided to create a piece that united them in their battle with cancer and so I combined two separate photos of them that were taken years apart.  I was really, really happy to do this for my friend.  (Hi Kristina... you still inspire me daily.)  (12x16", acrylic on canvas)

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